‘Work it, Slay it, Pin it, Say it!’ pins

'Work it, Slay it, Pin it, Say it!’ pins




Develop five brand friendly pins


Five pins with complementary card


Being a feminine feminist is Marlies Dekkers middle name. She is proud of the progress women have made together.⁠ “A long-overdue correction in gender inequality is at our doorstep; strong, independent women are stepping forward as powerful role models.⁠”
To show off that you are a proud feminine feminist the company decided to create a couple of pins to spread this awesome message. I had the honor to design these pins with complementary card with the title ‘Work it, Slay it, Pin it, Say it!’.


The first one is ‘The Typewriter’. It is an ode to crime writer Agatha Christie, the muse for this FW20 season, and her bad-ass female fictional characters that live within all of us.⁠

The second one is ‘The Detective’. Is also in honor Agatha Christie's feisty female characters. A reminder that -just like her witty female detective- you can get the job done.⁠

The third one is ‘Slay Your Own Dragons, Princess’, is a reminder that you you don't need a prince to save you- you can slay your own dragons! But obviously, this doesn't make you less of a princess.

The fourth one is ‘The Raised Fist’, to remind you that, as feminine feminists, we CAN have it all!⁠

The last one is ‘Marlies Dekkers’, to remind you Marlies Dekkers is a self-made woman who has made it her purpose to challenge women to dare.