Design for a Slow Coffee Box




Design a sticker and instructions for a slow coffee box


Logo, sticker and an A7 leaflet with instructions how to make the slow coffee


TAZZ is a lovely little coffee hotspot located at one of the most beautiful canals of Delft.

The owner Natasha was keen to sell a Slow Drip coffee box in the shop, so that people at home can also enjoy the same coffee as at TAZZ itself. This box includes 250 grams of ground coffee beans, a Hario Range server, a Hario V60 dripper, a 100 x Hario V60 Filter and instructions for use. Her request was whether I could design a sticker and instructions for this, reflecting TAZZ's style.

The logo is made by the typeface Dahlia designed by Violaine et Jeremy. What Violaine et Jeremy say about this typeface: “Dahlia typeface grew from a land filled with elegance, 1910’s Italian lake posters and Art Nouveau feeling. Like so many flowers, it translates a sense of perfect balance between eccentricity and delicacy.” And this fact matched nicely with their hospitality and the quality of their products and the style of the building.

The sticker became a graphic style with a combination of an Art Nouveau-inspired typeface ‘Dahlia’ designed by Violaine et Jeremy. The large windows and views of the building were my inspiration for the graphic style.
And with the slow coffee, I thought of the drops you see falling slowly into the mug. With an hourglass, you see the same effect, but obviously with sand. An hourglass also indicates time and the narrower the passage, the longer it takes for the sand to fall. I thought of making it a combining symbol. Coffee falling slowly through the runner.


And since TAZZ is a derivative of the owner's name Natasha, we named the box Slow Dripz. 🙂