Summum’s Amsterdam Issue

Design for Summum's offline Fall 2019 magazine


Summum Woman


Create a offline magazine for the fall 2019 collection. This edition is themed: ’The Amsterdam Issue’ is aimed for B2C customers.


Brand friendly graphics of the magazine


The brand Summum Woman is fashion brand who has his origin in Amsterdam. This magazine is dedicated to Summum’s hometown: Amsterdam. It takes you on a full day tour through the city, past all the favourite places of Summum. There is a removable city guide that shows you Summum’s favourite locations.
On the removable city guide you can see the different facades of the Amsterdam houses I created. Every theme has his own coloured house so you can easily see on the map which topic you want to look for.
To give it a 24 hour feel through the magazine, I added big typography of the time on some pages.


I also made a line drawing of Summum’s Amsterdam store. You can spot this on third image.