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01/03 When walking in Seoul, you can't miss seeing cute girls dressed up in these amazing traditional Hanbok dresses.
And when there is a queue for food, you have to try it. 😉 This hot restaurant is called Oldies Taco. And this is where I tried the Mega Bomb. It's a bag of Flamin' hot Doritos with beef, Pico de Gallo, jalapeños, avocado sauce, cheese and yes, you eat this with chopsticks.

I was lucky enough to experience Lantern Lotus Festival. This is one of the oldest existing festivals not only in Korea but in the world. Its origins date back to Shila Dynasty, where the lantern festival was established to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. The lanterns are on display all over the city and especially around the Buddhist temples.
But before we can go here, we need to do two things, shop at Seongsu-dong district, they compare this district as the Brooklyn from Seoul. And eat. I had the traditional Kalguksu (Korean knife-cut noodles) from Cho Yonsoon at Kwangjang market.
Because in Seoul they love to shop, to eat and plastic ;).

A South Korean art student ate a banana that was part of an installation by artist Maurizio Cattelan. The student was "hungry" after skipping breakfast. The artwork called "Comedian", part of Cattelan's exhibition "WE", consisted of a ripe banana duct-taped to a wall at Seoul's Leeum Museum of Art. After eating the banana, the student taped the peel to the wall. The museum later placed a new banana at the same spot.
The television comes from the inspiration of Korean-born Nam June Paik. He is called the “Father of Video Art”. He was a multi-media artist who pioneered the use of electronic media in art. You will come across his work in many museums in Seoul and beyond.