SmartGirls illustrations

Create illustrations for the columns of Annemarie van Gaal written for the platform SmartGirls




Entrepreneur and financial expert Annemarie van Gaal has written inspiring columns for the female entrepreneur platform ‘SmartGirls’. I was commissioned to create the illustrations for these columns.


10 Illustrations


1/10 Don't let yourself be impressed
“It used to be easy to impress me. I will honestly admit that the feeling of ‘I’m so important', cost me dearly at the beginning of my entrepreneurship.”

2/10 My notebooks
“Actually, three things are indispensable to do my work well: my laptop, my iPhone ánd my notebooks.”

3/10 Think big
“I am not a fan of DONALD TRUMP, but with one of his statements I do agree: “If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big”. And so it is.”

4/10 The sacred fire
“I want to talk in this column about something magical. Something I am am convinced that you have within you, but of which you yourself may not have existence yet discovered or whose existence you may not always make equal use of: Your sacred fire.”

5/10 Take the stage
“You are very good in your field, but does everyone know? You may think that "good wine needs no bush” and that others will see or hear how good you are. But that's not true.”

6/10 Dare to fail
“”Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn" is one of my favourite quotes. And so true. We are used to saying that you 'You win some, you lose some', but that is not the case. If you learn from your losses, that's pure gain.”

7/10 Cherish your inner circle
“Since the Ukraine war, you often read about Vladimir Putin and his inner circle. In his case, inner circle refers to his confidants, the oligarchs he has made rich and can therefore rely on to stay in power. Actually, that's an insult to the inner circle I'm talking about. By inner circle I mean the network that is closest to you as an entrepreneur."

8/10 Make a strong brand of yourself
“We book restaurants, theatre performances or spas, because of their good reputation. We buy products we know and trust. Brands that stand by what they promise are worth their weight in gold.”

9/10 How do you handle criticism?
“Criticism is a crazy thing. It can completely blow your mind, even if you don't know the sender.”

10/10 Love to tussle
“My heroine Helen Gurley Brown is not alone the founder of Cosmopolitan. With her book 'Sex and the Single Girl', she inspired the creators of the television series 'Sex and the City' and unleashed a true revolution for young women to fight for everything that matters to them in life.”