SmartGirls identity

Upgrade SmartGirls' corporate identity with the existing resources at hand




I was asked to upgrade SmartGirls' corporate identity with the existing resources at hand.


Marketing materials: notebooks, pins, cards


SmartGirls is a platform for female entrepreneurs. Initiator and experienced entrepreneur Ellen Joosten has headed several companies. Under the motto 'Work hard, play SMART', she helps women entrepreneurs go through the roof and fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. If you join, masterminds will be given by lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers and entrepreneur and financial expert Annemarie van Gaal, among others.

General observation
SmartGirls could look a little less sweet. I think the image of Janelle Monáe's music video Pynk is spot on. Not only is it a feminist song, the strength of her as a woman shines here. I tried to capture that feeling in the design. The colours inspired me to expand the current colour palette with a dark red and beige tones. Making SmartGirls look more edgy.

Colour palette
The current logo consists of pink with black. On the mood board, you can see that the dark red gives more depth to these colours. The beauty of red is that it also has the symbolism; active, energetic, leadership, ambitious, decisive, passion. This red is a good substitute for, say, black (not for the logo, but in the other materials). The contrast with dark red and pink is less harsh. The same goes for white, I chose beige tones for this.

The typography could play a bigger role and be a bit more challenging. I upgraded the current 'handwritten' font to a slightly more fashion handwritten font. To make it more challenging, I used a combination of capital letters and italics interchangeably as a metaphor for the mountains we occasionally face to overcome. SmartGirls' logo has a kind of pink brushstroke mountain behind the black mountain, I want to use this fact of the brushstroke to highlight certain texts.