Memory Box, Part 2

Design for a gift


Independent work


Create a visual identity around a gift


A7 booklet of 208 pages


My friend is going to travel the world and I wanted to make a special gift that remembered our friendship over the last 16th years and making memories that are yet to come. I'm going to visit her in China, where we going to make new memories.
It started with the booklet (see Memory Box, Part 2). I wanted to make a really small booklet (A7), that she can take with her on her journey. This booklet became a bit of a city guide. We love making city trips in Europe, like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London. Before we go we try to find the best things to do and see in that city. In this booklet you can find all the hotels, restaurants and exhibitions that we visited. You can also find concerts and local restaurants/exhibitions that we visited. On the cover you can find a illustration of a poppy. The poppy stands for transformation and for the God of dreams, because all these experiences and inspiration you will find at these places, makes you a different person. It will give you the inspiration to dream bigger and see more of the world.


I made the poppy illustration on the cover