Gare du Nord cover albums

Design Gare du Nord’s album’s cover, booklet and CD print


marlies|dekkers x Gare Du Nord


Design Gare du Nord’s album’s cover, booklet and CD print.


Two in-style album covers with booklets, CD prints and logo for the cooperation with Gare du Nord.


I was inspired by ‘Stout’, the book written by Marlies Dekkers & Heleen van Royen.


The album is called 'Sex ’n' Jazz' and is shamelessly erotically charged. To play with this vibe I chose to show women’s feet in a pair of high heels, a picture that begs the question…where is this lady heading…does she have an exciting date? The print that’s covering the back-and inside of the booklet is actually a print that I used from the matching lingerie collection. And obviously we dipped the whole design in a sensual shade of red.
Gare du Nord was so excited about all of this that they asked us to join forces again and I was honoured to design the cover for their next album as well. The cover for the second album - titled ‘Love for Lunch’ – has the same theme and details as the former design. But this one I illustrated with a lady smoking a cigar while wearing marlies|dekkers lingerie. An image that begs the question, did she just enjoyed some sweaty lovemaking? And…was she on top?