Fortune Cookie

Happy New Year Gift


Independent work (for my own business)


Develop a new years thank you gift for clients


Packaging and quotes for the New Years fortune cookies


Originally the fortune cookie is from Japan, although it is not really clear what the definite origin is. I thought the cookies where originally from China, because you get these cookies in Chinese restaurants nowadays. But apparently a Chinese company made this cookie very popular in United States around the 1920’. So this is why they are linked to the Chinese. I always loved the fortune cookies that you get in Chinese restaurants. No matter if people believe in it, people are always excited to break op the cookie and see what fortune they got. I wanted to give this feeling to my client. I also wanted to give my clients a appreciation and wish them a happy New Year.


For the design of the packaging I made a Japanese lucky cat called Maneki Neko and more symbols for luck, such as the Japanese knot and the Japanese fish kite, because you can never have to much luck. 🙂 At the front side of the packaging you see the front side of the cat and and the other side of the packaging you see the back side of the cat. The colours I used are ‘good luck’ colours, especially the red.

For the fortune itself I searched for quotes that I thought was appropriate for the client I send it to. So every client got three fortune cookies with their own quote.