Fortune Card 2022

Happy New Year card 2022


Independent work (for my own business)


Develop a New Years thank you card for clients


A prosperity card, thank you card, address label, lucky coin and a postage stamp


“When you gain knowledge of the peacock spirit, it’s time to see the world with different perspectives. This spirit helps you to see the beauty in the smallest and simplest things. Many people let go of their dreams, thinking they are impossible to achieve. Think about your talents and skills, and find a way to achieve your goals with peacock guidance. The peacock will remind you that it’s okay to know yourself and start over again. You have abilities and skills. Strut your stuff when you make efforts that go beyond your imagination.

Scratch off the sticker with the special coin and see what the prospect of your wish is going to be. And for this year 2022 if you encounter a peacock it may show that you need to put yourself outside your personal boundaries and ready to shine out. “

I wish you a happy 2022! Bisous Joanne


I made the drawing of the peacock with a Bic pen.