Feminine Feminist Party

15 year anniversary of the marlies|dekkers store Rotterdam




Develop marketing deliverables for the 15 year anniversary of the marlies|dekkers store Rotterdam.


A variety of materials such as (in order of the pictures): an invitation, Instagram posts, stickers, a voucher, casino banknotes for the roulette, photo frames, 'Is today your lucky day' card, golden tickets, a temporary tattoo and much more, but these designs I liked best. 🙂


For the celebration of the marlies|dekkers store in Rotterdam the term Feminine Feminist is launched.

For Marlies, being a feminist means striving for social, political and economical equality of both sexes. In order to do so, early feminist felt they had to neglect their femininity. Thankfully, that's no longer the case!⁠ She loves lipstick, she loves high heels, and she strives for gender equality. She is a feminine feminist.

For feminism, social media has become the ‘entrance door’ for many people to feminist ideals and the possibility of fighting back against sexism and the patriarchy.
The speed and connectivity off social media means these communities can be created and mobilised quickly, seeing fast and impactful action, and messages that spread like wildfire. Social media provides a safe space not only for organising and mobilising, but also for debriefing, learning and follow-up planning.

With all of this above we choose to use an Instagram style to bring our message to the customers. I used different styles of typography to make it look like they are different posts. Although the divers typography, the colour palette and the with the same style illustrations it can be seen as a whole.


At the store event there were a few activities. When you entered the store, the guest received MD dollars that can be used to play roulette. When they had won from the croupier they filled in ‘Is today your lucky day’ card with their name and email and had a chance to win a lingerie set.
In the store also was a photo booth where the guest had their picture taken. There where two options: one print with 4 little photos or one print with a big photo with the text ‘I am a feminist because…’ The last option you could fill the answer on the screen.