‘Awaken Your Senses’

Design for social media posts to promote the ‘Awaken your Senses’ collection




Create social media posts to promote the ‘Awaken your Senses’ collection.


Brand friendly styling en graphics for the ‘Get Dressed’ posts on social media.


I let myself be inspired by the collection of ‘Awaken your Senses’.


I personally shopped around to find the right items for the magazine’s regularly featured column ‘get dressed. All the items are supporting the erotic story of each group, such as a whip for the leather lingerie set. There are four erotic stories which matches four lingerie sets. ‘Mulholland Drive’: this collection builds a bridge between your conscious and subconscious self. Boost your fantasies with the luxurious lingerie in sensual silk, topped of with delicate stitching and tantalising details.
The second story is ‘Femme Fatale’: this collection is designed to explore your dark side. Paint your body black with its beautifully embossed bold braces and stylish leather.
The third story is ‘Gloria’: this collection brings you stunning pieces that link Gloria’s strength to the concept of power suits. The result is a lingerie design marked by powerful pinstripe patterns and macho suspender straps.
And the fourth story is ‘Calamity Jane’: this collection celebrates the free-spirited cowgirl in you. Dashing denim, leather straps and sensual shapes create a look that’s all about the perfect combination between self-reliance and femininity.