I'm Mme Poisson

About me

Ouverture On November 16 in the year of 1979, at exactly 11:10 pm I was born in a particularly old city in the Dutch north called Haren. It was a gentle winter’s day, that 16th of November, though some undeniably dusky clouds transformed the innocent blue sky into a mesmerizing yet somewhat eerie piece of art.

Or so I imagine. It would befit me.

I dress in black. Always. I might as well been born in black, crying my lungs out with lips drenched in Mac’s Ruby Woo red. It is who I am. Artistic, stylish, sensitive, even optimistic (hence my blood-red lips)…yet ultimately, undeniably black. They say black doesn’t reflect back, but black is my mirrorglass. I think it must have been my mother. Her ink black plissé skirts and onyx coloured silk blouses. Just like her, I gravitate towards the rich sanctuary of infinite, bottomless depth.

Photography by Mark Uyl

My name is Joanne Vis, better known as Mme Poisson. I am an image smith. Thoughtful design and detailed illustrations are my passion and expertise. As a graphic designer I compose visual stories for brands and businesses. My work gives my clients their own visual language, which helps them express their company’s identity in their own distinctive style. Actually, just like I express myself with my forever-black signature style.

How I work When I design graphics for a brand, I submerge myself into the depths of its essence, empathise with all its elements and translate this into a unique visual signature. To do this I use the experience I gained while working for various fashion and lifestyle brands, in creating on- and offline concepts and developing visual storytelling for the use of campaigns, packaging and corporate identities. Also, I consider myself to be a brand guardian, putting a brand’s values above everything else in the creative process.